Cast Resin and Liquid Cooled


Cast Resin and Liquid Cooled

Admagnetics are distributors of TMC Transformers SpA range of Cast Resin and Liquid Cooled transformers.

TMC Transformers SpA was formed following the acquisition of TMC Italia SpA, an acknowledged world leader in the distribution transformer market, by Next Technology Group.

TMC manufactures distribution transformers both with standard and reduced losses, from 160kVA to 3150kVA with system voltages up to 36kV as well as specialist transformers for a variety of applications.

Cast Resin

Designed primarily as an MV insulation system, cast resin technology provides excellent insulation and environmental protection. This together with the foil winding technology inside the resin offers the ultimate dry type transformer in terms of dielectric performance and short circuit withstand and ensures long term reliability for both distribution and special applications

Cast resin transformers can be supplied with either aluminium or copper windings together with the possibility of Class F or Class H (180) resin systems.

Liquid Cooled

Liquid has many advantages as a cooling medium. The heat is removed far more efficiently than by air and thus provides a far greater power density and much reduced dimensions. Additionally the transformer losses are dissipated into the water and not into the surrounding ambient air. We offer three kinds of liquid cooled technologies:

Direct Water cooling: Where the liquid (often de-ionised water) flows through the centre of the ‘hollow’ winding conductor.

Indirect Water cooling: Where a suitable heat sink containing a water circuit is embedded inside the winding or magnetic core.

AFWF Air/Water cooling: Using an Air to Water heat exchanger where the cooling medium through the windings is air but the transformer losses are removed via a ‘secondary’ forced water cooling circuit – Completely closed circuit cooling.

Features & Options

Cast Resin
  • Fire resistant / self-extinguishing (F1)
  • Environmental Class (E2) and Climatic Class (C2)
  • From IP00 – IP56 with AN, AF, AFAF or AFWF cooling
  • Low maintenance
  • Indoor installation (close to the load)
  • Environmentally friendly > 90% of materials recyclable
Liquid Cooled
  • High power density and compact dimensions
  • Highly efficient removal of heat
  • Heat dissipation to surrounding ambient greatly reduced
  • Closed circuit cooling system

Why Admagnetics?

At every step of the process from enquiry to delivery, we give a service second to none. From a complex design to a simple winding, Admagnetics produce equipment that you can rely on. Admagnetics work with you to design and produce a transformer or choke optimised to your requirement. Manufacturing directly from raw materials we control every step of the design and manufacturing process. Our products are used in a vast variety of industries. From some of the most prestigious construction projects to intricate OEM machinery, our transformers and chokes are chosen again and again.

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