About Us

Admagnetics is a leading and highly respected manufacturer of wound components. Based in Lancashire, Admagnetics is a family owned company still operating to its engineering led, founding principles.

Admagnetics was founded in 1991 by Alan D Moorhouse MBE. Alan was one of the first designers to realise the significance of the effect of harmonic currents on transformers in power distribution systems. From this realisation we developed a range of Harmonic Cancellation Transformers, the requirement for which continues to grow.

For many years now Admagnetics has been supplying transformers, chokes and wound components to many high profile projects and equipment, becoming the preferred supplier to our customers. Our strength lies in providing our customers with a technical and commercial service you would expect from an engineering company, founded and focused on producing wound components to the highest standard.

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of production.​

Admagnetics continues to grow based on our ability to design and produce high quality windings to exactly our client’s requirements. Our customers see Admagnetics as their windings partner, a company able to work with their staff in producing high quality, competitive, optimised transformer based equipment.

We see ourselves as your transformer specialist from initial conception through to delivery and beyond, with one objective, giving you the competitive product you require.

Whether a simple winding or a complex three-phase design, Admagnetics produce power equipment that you can rely on.

Why Admagnetics?

At every step of the process from enquiry to delivery, we give a service second to none. From a complex design to a simple winding, Admagnetics produce equipment that you can rely on. Admagnetics work with you to design and produce a transformer or choke optimised to your requirement. Manufacturing directly from raw materials we control every step of the design and manufacturing process. Our products are used in a vast variety of industries. From some of the most prestigious construction projects to intricate OEM machinery, our transformers and chokes are chosen again and again.

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