At the forefront of winding design and production, we work with our customers to give them efficient, optimised and competitive designs for their transformer and choke requirements. Designed in-house, utilising high quality materials and manufactured by our experienced work force in our Lancashire facility, Admagnetics produce power equipment that you can rely on.

Our team design and manufacture a wide range of electrical power equipment to meet the specific needs of our clients, ranging from power transformers, voltage regulators and variacs, inductors and chokes, to rectifier equipment and standby power central battery units.

Three-Phase Transformers

Admagnetics design and manufacture optimised, high quality, three-phase transformers. From a few VA to 1MVA our transformers are used in a variety of market places and industries.

Single-Phase Transformers

Total control from design to delivery enables us to provide our customers with competitive, superior, single phase transformers.

K Factor & HMT Transformers

Our reputation was built on being able to produce Harmonic Mitigation transformers with K Factor capabilities. We are 'the' specialists when harmonic rich load currents are encountered.

Isolation Transformers

Whether you require K factor capacities or low inrush characteristics, we will be able to assist with an isolation transformer from our Olympic range to meet your specific requirements.

Chokes & Inductors

A leading UK manufacturer of both chokes and inductors, Admagnetics components are used in some of the most demanding environments

Toroidal Transformers

Major investment into our toroidal manufacturing section enables us to offer a range of quiet, blue ribbon transformers.

Central Battery Units

We offer both a standard range of Central Battery Units as well as being able to produce custom made items on request. Admagnetics is the CBU specialist company.

Transformer Combinations

From simple arrangements to complex systems, Admagnetics can offer a solution. Our design team have produced many unique and bespoke solutions.

Rectifier Units

Admagnetics manufacture Loading Bay rectifier units, Bulk or Fixed Voltage or Variable DC Output Rectifiers.

InPhase Transformers

Satisfying medium volume requirements from 3 to 250VA, Admagnetics is the manufacturer of the range of windings previously produced by InPhase Transformers.

Voltage Regulation

We offer a full range of Variacs and Voltage Regulating transformers. From small single phase variacs to full test rigs with voltage regulation, Admagnetics can offer a solution.

Our Areas Of Excellence


Our Design Team’s experience rivals any within our market place. They work with the customer producing optimised, competitive solutions to their requirements. Each of our designers brings decades of experience combined with an extensive knowledge of modern procedures and the latest materials.


Manufacturing directly from the raw materials, we have complete control over the manufacturing process at every stage. Producing both windings and cores, Admagnetics manufacturing ability gives us the flexibility to adapt to our customers technical needs and delivery requirements.


The control of every aspect of production from initial contact to dispatch enables us to rigorously ensure that the customer gets the product they require at the quality they expect. The company operates an ISO 9001:2015 quality system and our products are subject to a stringent testing procedure prior to delivery to our customers. We can offer witness testing and give ongoing technical assistance for our complete product range.


Our Express Line enables us to produce urgent requirements, still to the same high quality and standards as our regular production. A large percentage of our highly experienced Production staff have worked with us for many years.

Why Admagnetics?

At every step of the process from enquiry to delivery, we give a service second to none. From a complex design to a simple winding, Admagnetics produce equipment that you can rely on. Admagnetics work with you to design and produce a transformer or choke optimised to your requirement. Manufacturing directly from raw materials we control every step of the design and manufacturing process. Our products are used in a vast variety of industries. From some of the most prestigious construction projects to intricate OEM machinery, our transformers and chokes are chosen again and again.

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