K Factor & HMT Transformers


K Factor & HMT Transformers

Harmonic Mitigation Transformers with K Factor facilities feature in various applications where harmonic rich load currents are encountered. Typically areas such as Induction Heating, AC & DC Drive, Data Processing, Computer Rooms, Pulse Lighting and Motors, demand these transformers. This is the area that Admagnetics initially made its name in, to the extent that our range of Harmonic Mitigation Transformers is considered the standard for many high profile applications. A range of transformers that you can rely on.

The winding connection used has the feature of blocking the potentially damaging Triplen harmonics through flux cancellation which can cause overheating within delta star connected transformers. In applications where zero phase shift with the ability to provide a secondary neutral connection is required the Admagnetics Dzn0 connection Harmonic Mitigation Transformers fit the bill perfectly.

A number of other characteristics are customer-specifiable making this a product which can be tailored to meet our customer requirements from project to project but where we also offer a standard range for general use.

Features & Options
  • Eco-Design
  • Low Loss Laser Core
  • Zero Phase Shift
  • Low normal and zero sequence impedance
  • Dual neutral terminals
  • Multi-Faraday screening
  • Low loss cores
  • Sheet Steel Enclosure
  • Dual thermistors in each phase
  • Further options available on request

Why Admagnetics?

At every step of the process from enquiry to delivery, we give a service second to none. From a complex design to a simple winding, Admagnetics produce equipment that you can rely on. Admagnetics work with you to design and produce a transformer or choke optimised to your requirement. Manufacturing directly from raw materials we control every step of the design and manufacturing process. Our products are used in a vast variety of industries. From some of the most prestigious construction projects to intricate OEM machinery, our transformers and chokes are chosen again and again.

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