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New Range of Variable Voltage Transformers

Lee Rushton

Admagnetics are proud to offer a new range of high power, toroidal, variable voltage transformers.

The range is based on variable ratio transformers and as such introduces no significant voltage distortion. The purity of the sine wave is maintained as is the power factor of the load. Another benefit of the toroidal construction is the low magnetic signature.

Aluminium heatsinks built into the brush-gear avoid the need for fans as in some other manufacturer’s construction providing an air natural cooling system enabling us to improve the thermal behaviour while optimising the dimensions and costs.

For this range, we are able to offer protection from IP00 to IP65. We can also offer optional protection systems against overload, over surge, short-circuit, temperature excess etc. Further options are available.

If you require any further information on these variable transformers or on any transformer or choke from Admagnetics’ wide scope, please do not hesitate in contacting us.

Made In Hyndburn 2017 Nominee

Hyndburn Business Awards 2017 Finalist

Admagnetics has made the final cut for the second year in a row. Nominated finalist of the Hyndburn Business Awards for the “Made In Hyndburn Award”.  This year the category is sponsored by Harrisons Delivered Wholesale.

This year we are also nominated for the “Small Business” category, which is sponsored by Simon Jersey.

The ceremony will take place at Accrington Town Hall ballroom, on 13th June 2017. We’ll be looking forward to another great event, with fingers crossed so that we’ll take home some prizes again.

A big thank you to those who nominated us, and of course to our staff for their hard work over the past 12 months.


Claude Lyons Final Roar

We are sorry to see the departure from the market place of Claude Lyons Ltd, formally Claude Lyons Controls Ltd. after nearly 100 years in the industry.

Claude Lyons were well known, and repected for their Variac Variable Transformers, along with being the first company to produce variacs in this country.

Products such as the Regavolt (Berco), Regulac and Varatran encapsulated variac, have made their mark over the years that the company was in business.

Here at Admagnetics we offer an encapsulated variac product which is very similar in nature to the Varatran encapsulated variac, and would welcome enquiries for these products

Admagnetics Made In Hyndburn

The “Made In Hyndburn” award is for a Hyndburn-based manufacturing business with a product or process that has given the business a ‘wow’ factor.

Award nominees had to ” Demonstrate improved business performance since January 2015. Each business had to show why their product or process has a ‘wow’ factor that has caused their improved business performance: how they have driven forward development of their product or process to create the ‘wow’ factor and the benefits to the business and its customers of the product or process in question.”

Step Down Transformers Can Make Renewable Energy More Efficient


Step-down transformers are likely to play an important role in the future of renewable energy, which often needs to be transmitted over long distances from its point of generation to where it needs to be used.

Edward Davey, secretary of state for energy and climate change, was in Inverness in early March to view a wave power installation.

CRES Systems See Growth To Smooth Voltage Transformer Output During Peak Demand


CRES systems – Community and Residential Energy Storage – are growing in popularity as the nature of the electricity market changes, helping voltage transformer output to serve spikes in demand, reports Pike Research.

The energy industry specialist says locations at the edge of the power grid – either in individual premises or at distribution transformers – represent a particular area for growth over the next ten years.

110V Power Transformers Can Ensure Site Safety


110V power transformers can help to make sure workmen are not exposed to dangerous mains electricity supplies during refurbishment work, the Health and Safety Executive advises.

The HSE is cracking down on dangerous refurbishment and repair works across Greater Manchester in the weeks to come, and electricity is an ongoing concern.

How Do I Choose The Right Voltage Transformer?


Choosing the right voltage transformer is about more than just the required voltage.

In fact, there are several things to consider before specifying the exact voltage transformer for your needs.

Electrical supplies are as much about the current that is needed as they are about the supply voltage – current is the flow of electrical charge, while voltage is the energy per unit charge.

Better Ways To Control Transformer Heat


Scientists are discovering new ways to control transformer temperatures, thanks to innovative nanomaterials.

Hexagonal boron nitride particles (h-BN) are similar to graphene, a nanomaterial that is making headlines for its unusual and useful properties.

By adding them to standard oils, scientists at Rice University have found they can control transformer heat loss to a much higher extent than has previously been possible.